Medical Flight Experts Commission


If you want to connect your life with the sky, dreaming about the pilot's profession, then you will inevitably encounter the need to go through the Medical Flight Experts Commission (MFEC). The order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation established the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAP) No. 50 “Medical examination of flight crews, dispatchers, flight attendants, cadets and candidates entering civil aviation educational institutions”. The FAP data determine the list of requirements and the scope of examinations for medical examination of persons entering the work and educational institutions of civil aviation.

Requirements for the state of health are imposed depending on the category of the candidate - there are 4 categories of candidates. The requirements for the health status of each category of candidates are divided into 4 columns:

1) under column I: candidates entering the GA schools for the training of pilots, flight engineers, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, and cadets of these schools.

2) in column II: commercial aviation pilots, line pilots, navigators, flight engineers and flight mechanics. Persons entering the work of a flight engineer and flight engineer, cadets of flight schools.
3) in column III: flight attendants, flight operators, flight attendants, observer pilots, amateur pilots, free balloon pilots, ultralight aircraft pilots, glider pilots and parachutists. Cadets enrolled in the specialty flight attendant (graduation course);
4) according to column IV: air traffic controllers, cadets of the graduation course of educational institutions for the training of air traffic controllers.

Абитуриент вправе пройти медицинское освидетельствование

с 10 мая 2019 года как в МСЧ СЛУ ГА, так и в любом другом

специализированном медицинском учреждении

с последующим согласованием документов во ВЛЭК филиала.

Applicants provide a military ID card or certificate of a citizen to be called up for military service (for military service). In the event of a limitation of fitness (“fit with minor limitations”), the applicant must have an extract from the military registration and enlistment office explaining the reason for the restriction.

Medical examination of candidates applying for training is carried out on a paid basis by medical-flight expert commissions of civil aviation (MFEC).
When passing incoming software not to the
MFEC branch, the software card must contain a list of the methods used, the primary results for the indicated specialties and prognostic points for the respective specialty, and must also be certified by the signature of the psychologist who conducted the examination and the seal of the MFEC.

Help and analysis provided to MFEC:

  1. Military certificate or registration certificate of a citizen to be called up for military service;

  2. medical certificate on the form number 086 / y with marks of the dentist about the improvement of the oral cavity;

  3. medical reports of a psychiatrist, a psychiatrist-narcologist and a dermatologist-venereologist from the place of residence (certificate from a mental hospital at the place of residence; a certificate from the drug clinic at the place of residence (note: certificates from a narcologist and a psychiatrist must have a doctor's statement about the state of health (no illness);

  4. certificates with the conclusion of the account is not considered to be not valid); certificate of testing for the presence of psychoactive substances (their metabolites) in biological media;

  5. certificate from dermattes enerolog about the presence or absence of skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases);

  6. RW and HIV tests;

  7. blood tests for the group and Rh factor;

  8. blood tests for viral hepatitis markers B and C;

  9. analyzes of feces on helminth eggs and protozoa (up to 18 years);

  10. certificate of vaccination MANTU, BCG, against diphtheria, hepatitis, rubella, etc .;

  11. chest X-ray of the chest organs (with description);

  12. x-rays of the paranasal nasal cavity with the conclusion of the radiologist;

  13. electroencephalogram of the brain with a description;

  14. ECHO-KG heart;

  15. Conclusion of the gynecologist about the state of health with cytological and bacteriological research (for girls);

  16. valid medical insurance policy.

Shelf life of medical certificates:

  1. form number 086 / y - 1 month;

  2. medical reports of a psychiatrist, a psychiatrist-narcologist and a dermatovenerologist - 1 month;

  3. chest X-ray - 1 year;

  4. X-ray of the nasal cavities - 1 month;

  5. tests for RW and HIV infection - 1 month;

  6. tests for viral hepatitis markers - 1 month;

  7. stool tests for helminth eggs and protozoa - 1 month;

  8. the conclusion of the gynecologist (for girls) - 1 month.